Are fragrances in natural soaps OK?

Breast Bar, non fragrance, organicFragrances – Must be avoided. Fragrances are always synthetic even though they often have perfectly natural names like lavender or sweet orange. It is not difficult to deduce that “Caramel Bliss” is synthetic, but what about “lemongrass?”

How can you tell when something with a plant name is synthetic? Even more confusing, product labels often contain phrases like “natural fragrance” or “natural lavender fragrance.”

Even more confusing than that, many of the major brands in the natural products world use synthetic fragrances in their soap and skin care products. After all, it says it’s natural, right? FRAGRANCE. If you see it, avoid it. If you see the ingredient “natural fragrance,” avoid this too.

QSUM “Breast Bars” are fragrance free and organic.

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