How Women Take Care of Themselves…

This is an interesting topic of which I get many different answers. Women are multitaskers. They take care of family, friends, organize the home, work, entertainment and wonder why they are tired. I have often wondered if I didn’t have all of those things to do would I be bored???

I have worked at a crazy pace for many years and I have to say I need that extra stress to produce my best work. Even at the ripe age of 51 it seems like my memory sharpens and I’m happier when I am under pressure. However when I’ve completed the crazy task I sometimes need weeks to recuperate and then I’m back in the cycle again. Am I bi-polar??? No and as I discuss all this with my sister (the therapist) and other girlfriends I find this is very normal…why?????

While I can’t answer why, I just know that when it gets to be too much I schedule a massage, sit in the bathtub with a book and a glass of wine and relax. I top the pampering of myself with organic soaps, lotions and bath salts. I deserve it!!!! I also get some of my best ideas in the bathtub. I remember reading twenty some years ago about fragrances and chemicals in our soaps and pampering products. I have always used natural ingredients ever since.  But, even some of our “natural” stores carry products that aren’t good for you.

The Breast Bar and Breast Lotion

QSUM "Breast Bar"

In educating myself about these products I decided I would only use the best I could afford. As I developed new products for our business this has always been in the back of my mind. How could I help cancer patients and educate people at the same time. Thus the “Breast Bar” and “Breast Lotion” products came to existence! This allowed me the opportunity to use the highest quality, organic ingredients; and we could educate people on how to do their Breast self-exams. These are such wonderful products and the organizations that we work with to develop these products are also just the best!!! When your heart is in the right place, all the components come together; and they did.

Supporting Breast Cancer Causes

As an extra bonus we found an organization (The Jill Lamb Foundation) that we wanted to help with the proceeds of the “Breast Bar” and “Breast Lotion” products. We are excited to have many corporate organizations now purchasing these products as give aways for their patients. Ahhh task accomplished!!…now a nice time for a bath.

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