Tired of Cleaning your Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Systems

Tired of cleaning your stereotactic systems ??

Did you know that fluid invasion may cause equipment warranty issues? AccuFit™ Stereotactic Prone Table Draping protects your equipment investment. Draping also reduces the chances of spreading infectious diseases such as Hepatitis B. Did you know that Hepatitis B can stay alive in dried blood for 7-10 days? Improper cleaning may result in health issues for your staff and patients. Why Take that Chance?

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2 Responses to Tired of Cleaning your Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Systems

  1. Laurel Ahern says:

    Love the “how to” videos. These drapes are fantastic, easily used and removed. Great way to keep your stereotatic unit clean, safer for patients, shorter turn around times and ultimately, better patient outcomes.
    Thank you for the great products!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this great content, I really enjoyed the insign you bring to the topic, awesome stuff!

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