Deb Doll…little things can mean the most!

I know it’s been awhile since the last blog however, I was getting ready for the NCBC (National Consortium of Breast Centers) show in which we are a vendor. I talk about this because I am a licensed Mammographer and this is by far the best educational show out there. We have been part of this show for 4 years now and every year we try to make it a little better either by bringing out a new product or figuring out something that will give us an edge. This year we totally out did ourselves!

Introducing the Deb Doll

Our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) wanted to show their support of our company (QSUM) by giving us a collector doll as a giveaway! Now this was no ordinary doll, this was a DEB DOLL! The Deb Doll was made after the company was asked by a hospital to produce pink gloves and I don’t know exactly the whole story but somehow the idea was born of the PINK GLOVE DANCE! It hit YouTube and became a huge sensation!

Deb was the star in the video and so the Deb Doll was born (Barbie with a pink OR (operating room) hairnet, pink gloves, pink eye glasses, etc. They gave us 30 to give away, so we came up with a great promo ad in the newsletter prior to the show and hoped for the best!

Opening day arrives and we immediately have some people come to our booth with the entry in hand! Every day there were more and more women that came for the drawing. Our Deb Doll was the hit of the show!!! These women wanted them for friends with breast cancer,  granddaughters, children, themselves, others… was amazing!! People even wanted to bribe us for these! We were amazed!

Such a small thing made such a huge difference for us. Now the funny thing is there were at least two other vendors offering IPADS that didn’t get near the attention as our Deb Doll… All I can say is, “eat your heart out Steve Jobs!” I won this time…..

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5 Responses to Deb Doll…little things can mean the most!

  1. Fred Allen says:

    Great instructional video, good job.

  2. Steve Engle says:

    Some of the best ideas come by chance. Listening to the consumer has always been a winning strategy. Just ask the Japanese where the Q Theory (Quality) has netted successful results. Cost not being the major factor but value of the product. Congratulations on your patents and your continuing efforts to address and improve upon patient, technician and medical field needs.

  3. Gwen says:

    My sister-in-law is currently recovering from breast cancer surgery. I’ll make sure she sees this. Good job!

  4. Janet Slota says:

    Gotta love it!!!!! Great job. What a way to present your product. Keep up this terrific work! We all need you out there!

  5. Janet Buckner says:

    Getting the word out is crucial and as always, Cindy know how to use her creativity and is forthright in doing so. Keep up the great work!