Lucky? A Matter of Perspective on Breast Cancer

As a child at least up to the age of five, I had a picture perfect life. I grew up in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. I had two brothers, a sister, donkeys, a dog, rabbits, and of course we always got to play with the salamanders. Now I call that “Lucky”. Then one late afternoon my whole world changed and I became known to others as that “poor child”, you know the one who just lost her dad in that terrible explosion! Oh that “poor family”! Those “poor kids”! As I kept hearing that from everyone around me I began to feel like that “poor child”. Your external influences good or bad will sooner or later become you. I have to say that explosion that killed my father marked me for the rest of my life. Even to this day. However as “Luck” would have it, I had an Aunt that was coming over for dinner that day and saw the whole accident happen. We were so “lucky” that people were up where we lived as it was an area that had only “weekend” cabins, except for us. Our nearest full-time neighbor was around 3 miles away. My aunt raced down to one of the other close cabins and they came with their car and picked all of us kids up and drove to the closest place, which was 35 miles away. There we were all carried into our doctor’s office. I couldn’t see as I took the explosion in my eyes and I was blinded by all the sandblasting. All I heard walking into the clinic were gasps and “oh my god what happened”! This wonderful Dr. picked the sand out of my eyes and one of my brother’s eyes, then bandaged them up. Then he sewed up my sister and other brother. Wow how quickly our lives can change! In a matter of two weeks I went from having the absolute best life to the absolute worst life ever.

Looking at this tragic event now, I realize just how “Lucky” I am. One to be alive, another that I could still see, and then just fortunate that the neighbors were up for the weekend and could help us. I didn’t think this was lucky at all for many, many years. What I saw, or my perspective, was I lost the most important person in my life.

As I’ve grown up and lived through so many traumatic times, I have come to realize that your life will be as happy as you perceive it to be. 

There might be a day that you go get your mammogram and within a day or week your life will completely change! How do you deal with that? It’s up to you! My suggestion is choose to live, make a difference and help others! Think of your wonderful family, friends and strangers that will help you and you will help them! In my profession I have seen many, many patients have to deal with this scenario. I have learned so much from them. They are strong! I hope if you ever are in this situation that you too will choose a positive outcome, but then again, it’s just a matter of your perspective………

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