Breast self-exam only takes just a couple of minutes and can potentially save your life. This is Breast cancer awareness month and if you don’t presently do (BSE) then this is the month to start!!! I believe BSE is extremely important for those individuals under the age of 40 as they are not in the “screening” program yet. Women and their husbands are the best detectors in the age bracket of 40 and below. I’m not saying that if you are 40 or older that you shouldn’t do this even though you get your mammogram yearly. Every woman should do this starting when girls become women. I have seen a young woman 18 years old find a cancerous lump through BSE. The smaller the lump is the better chance you have of beating the disease.

When performing BSE pick the same time of month if possible if you are post-menopausal and preferably one or two days after your period stops for pre-menopausal women. A complete BSE comprises a visual look in the mirror with your arms raised up to look for any dimpling or redness, anything unusual that you’ve never noticed before.
Then do the second part by feeling the breasts either lying down, utilizing lotion or in the shower using soap. See http://bit.ly/pQ1umY for the proper way to do breast self-exam.
If you find a lump or area of concern notify your physician immediately. The sooner you find a breast cancer the better chance you have of beating it!! Remember 80% of breast lumps are benign. It’s better to find out right away and not procrastinate!

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